Top Up My Cover Cancellation


Why top up?

If you have booked a holiday that costs more than your existing travel policy cancellation limit, you won’t get all your money back if you have to cancel your trip.

The answer is to purchase EXTRA Cancellation cover.

Top Up My Cover Cancellation allows you to purchase up to £50,000 extra cancellation cover (per person) so that your holiday costs can be fully covered.

So, if you already have a policy but need more Cancellation cover you don’t have to replace it with another – simply ‘Top it Up’!

We cover you as long as your main insurer does too

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The maximum ‘top up’ amount is £50,000 per person (£15,000 per person if aged 75-79 and £10,000 per person if aged 80-85), with an overall limit of £100,000 per policy.

* providing you are travelling to a location that is covered on your main policy.
** subject to being eligible for a Top Up My Cover Cancellation policy.

If we can’t offer you the travel insurance cover you want, or your premium is higher than you expected because you have serious medical conditions, you may be able to get help by accessing the Money and Pensions Service travel directory or by calling 0800 138 777 (Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm).